ICS-Aero from San Marino is joining HelloJet

“ICS Aero” is the reliable partner, charter broker, that specialize on a full-service business aviation: the organization of VIP jets flights, group- and medical flights. After agreeing with the client the features of the flight it can be arranged within 3 hours. We are available for all your private jet charter needs 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. «ICS – Aero» operates according to the requirements of our clients, promptly performing personal tasks of their mission. You are not restricted in the choice of a particular aircraft, you need only to describe flight tasks and requirements to you charter and we’ll provide you with the best possible options for the aircraft, organize and coordinate your flight. After years of work on the business aviation market, we have established a wide network of partners around the world. That allows us to use the resources, both domestic and foreign partners. Our aircrafts meet the strictest safety standards. As one of the leading brokers to the Ukraine business aviation we have built our reputation on providing superior service.


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