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The Ultimate Light Jet Blink flies the largest fleet of Cessna Citation Mustangs in the world – the best-in-class aircraft from a proven manufacturer with an 80-year history of safety and reliability. Blink's initial order was placed for 30 Mustangs. The Citation Mustang is the best in-class light jet Carrying up to four passengers in a 2x2 face-to-face seating configuration, the Mustang's highly functional environment is at the heart of Blink's “Boardroom in the Sky” experience. The “Boardroom in the Sky” allows you to prepare for your next meeting, review the meeting you just had, or have some time for personal reflection. The Mustang's powerful engines reach speeds of over 390 mph significantly reducing travel times and its best-in class short-field landing capability ensures you access more airports than any alternative. These Blink jets benefit from avionics more advanced than those in most modern commercial aircraft. Each Blink jet has state of the art traffic and collision avoidance software, a cutting edge ground proximity warning system and the latest safe runway technology. Combined with a cockpit specifically designed to reduce pilot workload, this technology makes a Blink jet one of the safest aircraft in the sky.


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