Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for customers (Operators scroll down)

1. What is HelloJet?
HelloJet connects users of the business aviation direct with the related operators. In contrast to other competitors we do not broker any flights or raising any additional fees. We promote the direct communication and billing process between the involved parties.

2. Why HelloJet does not broker?
The business aviation market is dominated by brokers. Acccording to that, the customer has to pay significant fees to the broker. Our aim is to disrupt this and provide a way of neutral access to the branch. Due to this, the prices for a trip with the business aviation lowers significantly. So the business aviation becomes attractive to new customers and we induce market growth.

3. What does HelloJet costs
For the current prices, please refer to the product page. The prices are designed that just two flights arranged by HelloJet will compensate the costs of a annual HelloJet Budget license.

4. The aircraft in the search result are selected how?
Our focus is to provide the lowest price for operating a selected trip. With an ambit search, we look for available jets which fits your demand. At best, a positioning flight is not necessary. The quantity of passengers influents the size of the aircraft, as well as the distance you want to fly.

5. Is it possible to change the size of the aircraft?
Yes, if you wish to have more space comfort, just raise the number of passengers up to 8 persons at your convenience. The price is not dependent on the amount of passengers

6. What happens after my free trial?
If your trial ends, you are still able to check the availability in real time and see the estimated prices of each shown aircraft. The access to the contact details is closed. So you are still able to compare other offers from your brokers. Market transparency is very important.


FAQ's of operators

1. Which fleet managing software do I have to use to join HelloJet with my fleet?
The first FMS we promote is from LEON Software. If you use LEON, see question No. 5 what to do. Collins FOS is available now.

2. Is HelloJet free of charge for operators?
Yes! Isn't it terrific!? We promote your fleet for free.

3. Do I get notified that a HelloJet customer is redirected to me?
Not for the moment. But we will install a propper system that gives you the overview how often your fleet has been shown to a potencial customer. Let's start simple...

4. Regarding my fleet data, a customer can see what?
A customer just sees the static informations you have given us. The AOC is visible just for you and HelloJet. Your entries concerning the availability of your fleet, which we check via API, are at no time visible to others. In case of a customer's request, your jet's current position with date/time will be revealed as well as your contact information. A tracing of previously routes is not available.

5. My FMS is LEON
Register as operator and follow the form we provide for you. After this, register each single aircraft you have, fill out the form we show you. After this, please call LEON +48 22 390 54 64 (09:00-17:00 CET) or send an email to Ask for reporting your availability to HelloJet. Thats all. LEON will change our credentials and we receive your availability. So simple...


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