Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions hellojet.com Valid since 01.08.2020
Valid since 01.08.2020
The following terms and conditions are managing the contractual relationship between HelloJet and its customers as well as HelloJet and its aircraft operators, which's authorize HelloJet to distribute the availability of their aircraft at HelloJet.com.

Contractual partner for both is:
JetRelation UG (haftungsbeschränkt/limited)
Unterberg 15b, 21033 Hamburg, Germany

The acceptance of this terms and conditions is required for the registration

Chapter 1: Customers

1 Contractual terms
1.1 HelloJet is an online platform, and gives private and commercial customers, information about the position and availability of aircraft. Thereby they are able to charter an aircraft from an aircraft operator easily and quickly.
1.2 The performed service is explicit NOT the transport of passengers or the act of a broker. HelloJet is NOT an air carrier due to any contract in sense of the Montreal mutual agreement.

2 Access & Contract Conclusion
2.1. The registration at HelloJet is mandatory to have access to the HelloJet services. Therefore the user needs an active email address and a personal passphrase.

2.2. With the registration, the registrant owns a time limited free of charge contract conclusion, which follows these rules of terms and conditions.

2.3 After the successful registration. HelloJet is offering different services with costs. The contractual basement of these services are also these terms and conditions. Before the customer conclude to a service with costs, the customer will be informed about the service contend, the costs and the conditions of payment. By accepting the button "order licence", the customer agrees to the contract conclusion of his chosen license. The contract conclusion begins with the confirmation email of the order from HelloJet.

3 Free services & services with costs
3.1. When registered, the customer is able, based on a catalogue of criteria's (Date, Flight Route, Quantity of Passengers, Interior Features), to check the availability of business aircraft on a specific airport and receives an estimated price of the trip without obligation.

3.2 HelloJet offering additional information's (Photos) about the aircraft which are chosen for the search result, as are the companies name of the aircraft owner/manager and direct contact information's. HelloJet does not receive any commission fees from any aircraft operator for this service.

3.3 The scope of services from HelloJet and its price is shown in the category "Products" https://hellojet.com/products.

3.4 The Service of HelloJet is available for 24 hours, seven days a week, with an availability index of 99.5% throughout the year. This does not include downtime caused by maintenance and software updates, as well as times when the service (force majeure, third party, etc.), is not available over the Internet due to technical or other problems which are not within the influence of HelloJet. To use the full range of service of HelloJet, the customer needs the latest internet browser and must use this technologies on his computer (eg activation of Java script, cookies, pop-ups may activated) respectively. When using older or not commonly used technologies, it may be that the customer can use only a limited service from HelloJet.

4 data usage, data transfer and data relaying
4.1 Protecting the privacy of our users is very seriously for HelloJet. All personal information will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the data protection legislation and this Privacy Policy. Personal data will not be disclosed without the express consent of the users to third parties. We point out that data transmission over the Internet (eg communication via email) can have security gaps. A complete protection of data against unauthorized access by third parties is impossible.

4.2. HelloJet automatically collects and stores information in so-called server log files, which your browser is sending automatically to us. These are:
- Browser type / browser version
- Operating system
- Referrer URL
- Host name of accessing computer
- Time of server request
These data are not assigned to individuals. A compilation of this data with other data sources is not made. We reserve the right to examine this data retrospectively when issues of evidence of unlawful use are known by HelloJet.

4.3. HelloJet also stores all searches as anonymous data. HelloJet is entitled to make statistically evaluation on these data and makes the results of it anonymously accessible.

5 Termination / Extension
5.1 The customer always has the right to terminate the agreement on the free membership with immediate effect. The termination of the free membership done effectively by clicking the button "Delete account" in the user management and the confirmation of this operation by entering the personal password.

5.2 The paid membership (HelloJet Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Pro) ends with the agreed term automatically. HelloJet is allowed to contact the customer before the end of his subscription, to inform him of the upcoming termination of his contract.
The ordinary termination of membership fee does not automatically terminate the free membership. For this purpose, is to proceed according to paragraph 5.1.

5.3 Extraordinary termination is subject to the statutory prescriptions. It must be in written form.

6 Liability of HelloJet
6.1 HelloJet is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the operators in terms of performance, capacity, facilities, position and availability of their aircraft. HelloJet accepts no responsibility for the correctness of the results of the request, made by the customer. HelloJet is not liable for the charter company on the necessary permits (Air Operator Certificate etc.) has for the conduct of the flight offered.

6.2 HelloJet owes only the provision of IT services to automatically search for an available aircraft, but not for a success. HelloJet only provides the technical device that - in general enables a contact - under the conditions set out in paragraph 3.

6.3 HelloJet accepts also no liability for the possible misuse of information. For such unauthorized or illegal use of any liability HelloJet is excluded.

6.4 HelloJet not guaranteed for the always proper operation or continuous usability and accessibility of the service. Specifically HelloJet is not liable for disruptions in the quality of access to the service due to force majeure or due to events which HelloJet is not responsible.
Furthermore HelloJet is not liable for the unauthorized acquisition by third parties of personal data of customers (eg by unauthorized access of "hackers" to the database).

7 responsibility of the customer, prohibiting the use of Abusive
7.1 The Customer is responsible for the contents of his registration and thus for the information he provides about himself, solely responsible. Intentional and / or made fraudulently false information may give rise to civil legal action.

7.2 The customer assures also that he uses the HelloJet Service solely for the purposes of his business. It is in particular not entitled to copy the services or content to change to provide to reproduce in real time, sublicense or resell and to allow third parties to use the services or the contents using his account information or to authorize.

7.3. Not permitted is, to systematically read the content (eg by a program or by simply copying), to use them outside the HelloJet service. It is prohibited to the extent the use of computer programs for the automatic reading of files, such as crawlers.

7.4 The Customer committed to keep HelloJet free of any type of lawsuits, damages, losses or claims harmless, that may arise from its application and / or participation in this service, unless the customer is at fault. This particularly applies to damage due to failure of services for other customers, a breach of these terms and conditions, for infringement of intellectual property or other rights. The indemnity is limited to the amount of the necessary or required for a particular purpose expenses.

Section 2: Operators

8 Subject of the contract and duration
8.1. HelloJet publish on its website the position and availability of aircraft by aircraft operators that have a valid AOC, and provides this information to the potential charter customers.
An active mediation of flights in the sense of a brokerage does not take place.

8.2. HelloJet may charge a fee for this service. This requires a separate agreement.

8.3. The operator is responsible for the accuracy of the information he provides.

8.4. The operator provides HelloJet a copy of his actual AOC and must report any changes in terms of his AOC immediately.

8.5. The contract between the operator and HelloJet can be terminated with a period of 30 days to the end of the month. Regardless of the operator is entitled to adjust the number of aircraft, their availability is published on HelloJet any time its requirements.

Section 3: Other conditions

9. Easement and Copyright
HelloJet is in relation to the customer, the sole holder of the reproduction, distribution, processing and all copyrights and the right of incorporeal transmission and reproduction of HelloJet site and the various information contained therein. The use of all programs and the contents, materials and trademarks and trade names contained herein is solely for the purposes specified in these Terms and Conditions.

10 Jurisdiction and applicable law
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is executing, excluding the German conflict of laws.

11 Others
11.1 HelloJet is entitled to engage third party service providers and agents to overtake partly or the entire service spectrum of HelloJet, presupposed that this will not create disadvantages for the customer.

11.2 If any determination of the agreement or terms and conditions be or become ineffective or should the contract be incomplete, the contract will not be affected in its remaining contents thereof. In addition, the statutory determinations are valid.

12. Responsible for the content of the service is the
JetRelation UG (limited),
Unterberg 15b,
21033 Hamburg,
represented by one of its managers.