Three simple steps to your perfect charter jet.


Enter the planned dates, time and destination of your flight plus any special requirements you have (e.g size of the aircraft, number of seats, carrying pets etc.). Simple and easy!”


We will provide you with available jets based upon your request. With one click you can secure your chosen jet with your favoured operator. Simple and easy!


Finalise the contract directly with your chosen operator, saving time and money, and look forward to your flight. Simple and easy!

HelloJet now offers you full control and access to our real time database. Get the best prices available without any added commission.

Get a free trial and find out how simple and easy it is to get the best deal.

Take things into your own hands and book your next charter flight without hidden commissions and kickbacks. For a small annual membership fee you can save on every flight by utilising our real-time database.

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HelloJet makes flying...


Save time and reduce stress. Our real-time database puts you in direct contact with leading quality operators in Europe, the Middle East and US.


With HelloJet, you get the real prices without any hidden mark-ups and commissions. Because with us, you get your offer directly from selected operators in your area.

...more convenient

Important things are best discussed directly. HelloJet provides you with direct access and contact to the Charter Operators and their teams. This lets them take care of everything for you, even if something changes last minute.


Your privacy is important to you and to HelloJet. You only need to share the minimum of personal details via our secure site with the providers you select. HelloJet does not collect your provided data in any way for any other reason.


Safety and security should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. HelloJet keeps this foremost in mind when allowing you to book a safe and secure Private Jet with accredited operators. Book quickly, easily, directly and save money on every flight.


Detours are expensive and are bad for your carbon footprint. We determine which aircraft are in your area for your flight, thus avoiding environmentally harmful and expensive positioning flights.

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  • Bronze is our limited trial membership to allow you to experience how easy it can be without commitment.
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  • Silver, our entry level membership, is for those who charter a private jet a few times per year.

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  • Gold is our membership for those who regularly charter private jets more frequently throughout the year.

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  • Platinum is our highest level of individual membership for those who prefer to frequently charter private jets for themselves or their executives.

Hellojet is now the first choice for all individual or corporate flyers, looking to quickly and conveniently book a private Charter.

We have bespoke offers for travel agencies or the travel departments of large companies. Save valuable time, respond faster to enquiries and surprise your customers with low prices for their next flight.


The HelloJet-Team.

Andreas Kohrs

Managing Partner

Marcelle Shaw

EMEA Sales Director

Heinrich Grossbongardt

Managing Partner

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