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Business jets users want to save time. And very often they need to take of soon. So why is the charter process still too complicated and time-consuming? Andreas Kohrs and Heinrich Grossbongardt decided that a change is in the air.

Andreas Kohrs Heinrich Grossbongardt
Andreas Kohrs has learned aviation from the bottom up and has many years of professional experience in business aviation. Having worked on several projects in the area of business intelligence and market research, he is the creative mind behind HelloJet. Heinrich is an exceptional aviation expert, well known from all media agencies. He joins the expert network of Stangerone and holds several positions in the aviation branch. With his wide strategic knowledge he keeps HelloJet on track.

The idea behind HelloJet

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Simple | Transparent | Disruptive

There is no faster way of travel than flying in a business jet. Companies use them as a time saver for their executives. They are irreplaceable if every minute counts because a customer needs on-site technical support. Time is of the essence to outdo your competitors.
Business aviation puts enterprises and entrepreneurs on the fast lane.
HelloJets makes sure you find the right aircraft in no time without wasting money.
We are no brokers, we do not receive a commission for every flight. We simply put clients in direct contact with operators, so they receive real prices. Furthermore, we provide a service which takes minutes instead of hours to plan your itinerary. You know what is possible at real prices.
To be faster than HelloJet is to own a jet.
Real time availability
Where is the next available aircraft? Thanks to our data base your are always up to date.
Direct contact
At HelloJet, there is just you and the aircraft operator.No middleman is involved, no important information will be lost..
Direct contract
Just pay the real price without markups. We do not raise brokerage or hidden kick-backs.

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Take things in your own hand. HelloJet is the fastet way to charter a business jet. Just check it out. A one month trial is free and without risk. If you have any questions give us a call or drop us a mail.

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